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December Product Updates 2020

Joshua Spears

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With the holiday season in full swing, we’ve decided to provide Hiring Managers with an early gift by way of a new and improved Big Five Hiring Manager Report.

This new report provides deeper insight for Hiring Managers looking to understand not only the Candidate’s overall fit for a role, but how the Candidate’s scores across the five personality dimensions relate to their predicted job performance.


Big Five Hiring Manager Report

For all customers using the Traitify Big Five assessment to screen, prioritize, and select Candidates, this new Big Five Hiring Manager Report contains several new features built to provide every Hiring Manager with the tools they need to effectively evaluate and interview candidates.

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New Features:

Traitify Hiring Manager Report Role Applied For & Locale features

Role Applied For

For each Candidate who completes a Traitify Big Five Assessment, their results are compared against the Ideal Candidate Profile established for the role. This profile is customized for each customer by the Traitify Psychology team using a variety of data, including job descriptions, Manager interviews, existing research, and even assessment data from current employees. Based on these various data streams, a range is determined for each of the five personality dimensions indicating if the Candidate is “Preferred,” “Acceptable,” or a “Potential Risk.” Ultimately this range is used to determine the overall “Fit Score” for the role.

Hiring Managers can now select additional Ideal Candidate Profiles from the “Role Applied For” dropdown to see how the Candidate may fit other roles. The report still defaults to the Ideal Candidate Profile for the role in which the Candidate applied.

Each Ideal Candidate Profile active for your organization will be available within this dropdown and selecting one will automatically update the entirety of the report to showcase the Candidate’s fit based on that role.


We’ve added a second dropdown to the new report, labeled “Locale.” This dropdown provides the Hiring Manager with the ability to select which language they would like the report translated into. Traitify now offers over thirteen different translations including: English, English (U.K.), Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, French (European), French Canadian, German, Japanese, Norsk, Russian, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portugese.

We’ll also be adding support for Hmong and Burmese before the end of this year.

Traitify Hiring Manager Report Fit Breakdown feature

Fit Breakdown

The most prominent feature of the new Big Five Hiring Manager Report is the “Fit Breakdown” section. In this section, the Hiring Manager can view a graph showing how the Candidate compares to the Ideal Candidate Profile, including if the Candidate is “Preferred,” “Acceptable,” or a “Potential Risk” for each of the five personality dimensions. The Hiring Manager can also quickly see how each dimension corresponds to functional work areas such as “Solving Problems” and “Delivering Results.”

As noted above, this “Fit Breakdown” will modify based on the selection made in the “Role Applied For” dropdown.

Traitify Hiring Manager Prioritized Interview Questions feature

Prioritized Interview Questions

Based on how the Candidate scores across the five personality dimensions and what range categories they fall within, we’ve added functionality to prioritize our customized interview questions.

Every report includes five sections of questions, each corresponding to one of the five dimensions of personality and focusing on one functional work area (“Solving Problems,” “Delivering Results,” etc.).

If the Candidate has fallen into the “Potential Risk” range for any dimension, those interview questions will now be prioritized higher, followed by “Acceptable” range dimensions, and finally those in the “Preferred” range.



Assessment Experience Footer Customization

Continuing the development of customization options for customers, we’ve recently updated our assessment, output, and administrator dashboard footer to allow for color customization. This customization will be defined based on the custom color set for the header of the experience, which is already an existing customization option. In addition to the color customization, we’ve also added a “powered by Traitify” logo to the footer.



What’s Next?

While we’ve just released this new version of the Big Five Hiring Manager Report, we’re already making plans for the next version of the report which will include additional insights into why (or why not) the Candidate is a fit, an option to add new interview questions, and a description of what success looks like for each role.

We’re also releasing our Cognitive Assessment in early 2021, followed by the Traitify Engage Manager report, which will join our Traitify Engage Employee Report released earlier this year.

We’re currently working with Traitify customers to get feedback on initial concepts for the Traitify Engage Manager Report and would love to have you involved in that process. If you’re interested in previewing the Traitify Engage Manager Toolkit, please reach out to your Traitify Customer Success Manager or send us an email at



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