February Product Updates 2020

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If you’ve been keeping up with our posts over the last year, you’re aware that we’re an organization obsessed with providing an engaging assessment experience along with actionable insights to Candidates. What you might not know is that we’re as dedicated to replicating that experience and insights for the people on the other side of the process: the Hiring Managers!

Many of our 2020 product initiatives involve creating and improving features and new products focused on giving Hiring Managers quick and easy to understand analysis into the thousands of candidates applying for their open roles. In this month’s post, I want to cover one product update that will bring additional data and insights to Hiring Managers using our SaaS Administrator Interface, as well as some updates we’re making to continue to prioritize security and privacy.


Big Five Hiring Manager Report 2.0 - Now in Traitify’s SaaS Administrator Interface


Big Five Hiring Manager Report 2.0


As you’ve read in previous posts, we’ve recently released a new version of our Big Five Hiring Manager Report. This report has been only available to Clients using Traitify via an ATS integration, but as of today, it’s available for all Clients within our SaaS Administrator Interface. To access these reports, simply visit your organization’s Traitify instance, log in as an Administrator and search for the Candidate you want to review (either by searching their name or email address or by clicking on ‘Profiles’ in the upper navigation). Once you’re on the Candidate’s profile, you can now see the latest version of the report under the ‘Personality’ tab of the Profile Results.

This updated report includes the following content:

  • Fit Score (including numerical score, text recommendation, and color)
  • Candidate’s Big Five Archetype
  • Candidate Scores on each of the Big Five Dimensions
  • Personalized Interview Questions
  • Potential Benefits and Room for Growth and Change for each Dimension
  • Tools to Use, Caution Zone, and Settings That Work For Them
  • Most Represented and Least Represented Traits

The Fit Score for each Candidate will be based on Traitify’s Ideal Candidate Profile and provides a quick insight into how well the Candidate fits the position for which they are applying. A new addition to the report is the Big Five Archetype. Each Archetype gives insight into the Candidate’s overall personality based on their scores on the Big Five Dimensions.

As with the previous Hiring Manager Report, we provide insight into the Candidate’s scores on each of the Dimensions; however, our team has modified the look and feel of this section to allow for a quick comparison between the different scores.

Based on these scores, the report also provides personalized interview questions for five functional areas: Solving Problems, Delivering Results, Engaging with People, Influencing People, and Managing People.

For each area, the report provides three questions for the Hiring Manager to use in their conversation with the Candidate along with additional context on what the question is trying to measure and what to look for in responses.

For each of the Big Five Dimensions, we also provide additional detail based on the Candidate’s score and, in particular, focus on “Potential Benefits” of that score and areas with “Room for Growth and Change”.

Along with this deeper dive into the Dimensions, the report features a section that includes “Tools to Use”, “Caution Zones” and “Settings That Work For Them”. The purpose of our “Tools to Use” content is to provide Hiring Managers with actionable, insight into the Candidate’s personality and how to leverage that insight when meeting with the Candidate and discussing the role.

Our “Caution Zone” content provides analysis regarding potential ‘red flags’ that may present themselves based on the Candidate results and can be used to further explore certain areas with the Candidate during the interview.

Additionally, the “Settings That Work For Them” resource allows Hiring Managers to understand what environments are most ideal for the Candidate and will ultimately allow them to thrive.

Finally, we provide Hiring Managers with a view into the most and least expressed personality traits for the Candidate (our Big Five assessment measures 30 underlying personality traits).


SOC 2 Certification

At Traitify we work hard to build a fast, resilient, and secure infrastructure, and we're proud of what we have achieved. Many of our customers have asked us for details around how we manage our services, what our update process looks like, and how we maintain the high level of reliability and security you have come to expect from us. We've been happy to have those opportunities to share insight into a part of our service that isn't often seen. However, until now, you have only had our word that we have implemented the state-of-the-art systems and processes that we have discussed.

We are pleased to announce that this year we have undertaken a voluntary SOC 2 audit. This audit will take a deep look at all of our infrastructure and procedures, and will generate an independent, 3rd-party, SOC 2 certification.

We are excited to complete this process and are looking forward to being able to provide you with the assurance that we uphold the high technical and organizational standards that we value.


What’s Next?

Big Five Hiring Manager Report 2.5

Now that we’ve released our latest version of our Big Five Hiring Manager Report, it’s time for the next iteration! In truth, this next version of this report will supplement the existing report, not supplant it. Version 2.5 will provide a higher-level view of Candidates, specifically designed for Hiring Managers with limited time and the need to quickly see whether a Candidate could be a fit for the role, while also providing relevant interview questions for identifying potential gaps the Candidate may have.

Engagement & Mobility Reports

In the next few months, we’ll be releasing the first versions of our Engagement and Mobility Reports designed for use by Employees and Managers. For Employees, this report is designed to provide additional insight and ongoing, personalized content (based on their Big Five assessment results) to keep them continuously engaged and growing within their position. This report will also provide a sense of how the Employee can advance in their role or progress to other roles in your organization, based on their fit and identifying areas they may need to work on to succeed in that new role.

Managers will also have a unique report for each of their Employees. The Manager Engagement and Mobility Report will provide each Manager insight into how to best communicate and incentivize each Employee to keep them engaged, while also giving them a view into how they may grow the Employee in their current role or transition them to another role based on their potential fit.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in getting a sneak peek at these reports, we would appreciate your feedback and insight as we finalize the initial versions.

Cognitive Assessment

Our team continues to make progress on the initial version of our Cognitive Assessment that will measure a Candidate’s General Mental Ability in under five minutes. Results from the Cognitive Assessment will be able to be combined with the results of our Big Five Assessment to provide an overall fit score for each Candidate, culminating into unique insights from their Cognitive scores through a combined Big Five and Cognitive report.


If you are a current Client or Partner and would like to learn more about any of our current or upcoming product releases, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line at support@traitify.com. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to building great things with you in 2020!


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