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Joe Prats

Marketing Manager | MBA | Lives for people, marketing, and data-driven insights in Work

Thinking about how much has changed in nearly six months, it’s important to remind ourselves that not all of the change is bad. Many organizations are realizing the benefits of remote work for their employees, such as increased productivity and decreased turnover. Having said that, some businesses are still struggling with telework. We’re here to help.

Though evidence shows having the option to work from home has numerous advantages, that doesn’t mean it’s a quick and easy transition for everyone. The differences between holding a group meeting in-person and virtually, for example, are both obvious and nuanced. Finding a rhythm for telework is going to look different for everyone. Each person on your team has individual needs and strengths when working remotely.

That is why our team of psychologists has put together a guide to help your company work better together, while apart. It provides tools and insights that ensure you’re putting personality data to work for you. Our guide is your entry point to supporting your team members by understanding who they really are, where their personality strengths lie, and how each can thrive in the right setting.

Introducing Traitify’s Remote Work Guide.
The only guide to working from home with personality. Literally.

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