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Joshua Spears

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Finding great talent is hard, keeping great talent is harder, and keeping great talent while simultaneously developing them into an even greater talent can seem downright impossible. No business is immune to these challenges, and as the war for talent carries on it’s imperative that everyone take a serious look at how we treat our candidates. Candidate Experience is often anything but an “experience”, taking on the feel of visiting the DMV or filing taxes. The process of finding and applying for a job has become a source of anxiety and fear, during what could be a time of excitement and opportunity.

At Traitify, we believe that transparency with candidates is not only right but becoming a necessity. Candidates have more power and optionality than ever before and expect to not be treated as commodities, but as valuable resources that need to be convinced that your company is the right fit.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve taken another big step in implementing that philosophy this month, with the release of our new Big Five Candidate Report.


Big Five Candidate Report


Our Big Five Candidate Report is a fully revamped view of our Big Five results, designed for Candidates and focused on content to help them on their job search and their eventual new role. Our team has architected this report to be fully customizable, allowing for an organization to choose between the following components and update at any time. 

Big Five Archetype

The Traitify Big Five has 32 possible Archetypes by which Candidates can be defined. These Archetypes are based on the Candidate’s scores on the five dimensions (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Emotional Stability) and provide the Candidate with a quick overview of what their results say about them. 

Big Five Dimension Scores and Breakdowns 

For each of the five dimensions (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Emotional Stability) the Candidate can score “High”, “Medium” or “Low”. It’s important to note that a “High” score does not necessarily indicate a good fit for a role and likewise, a “Low” score may not mean a poor fit. Based on this outcome we provide the Candidate with an understanding of what their score on that dimension means and, most importantly, the benefits of having that score. 

Tools To Use and Settings That Work For You

The final two components of the Big Five Candidate report are the “Tools to Use” and “Settings That Work For You”. Both of these components were created to provide the Candidate with actionable insights that they can use both in their job search and once they are in their new role. “Tools to Use” is a bulleted list of insights that give the Candidate knowledge into how to best leverage their unique personality, while “Settings That Work For You” provides awareness of environments that the Candidate would thrive in.   

What’s Next?

Big Five Hiring Manager Report 

As we were creating the Big Five Candidate report, we have also been working to create a new version of our Big Five Hiring Manager Report. This new version will retain certain components of our current report (customized interview question, overall “fit” score for Candidates) while providing more insight into the Candidates’ strengths and areas for improvement as they relate to the role they’re applying for. Much like the Big Five Candidate report, this Hiring Manager Report will be configurable based on the needs and priorities of the organization. 

Big Five Development Report

To round out our new and updated Big Five reports, we are currently creating two versions of a Big Five Development report: one built for Employees who want an understanding of how to leverage their strengths in their role as well as how to identify opportunities for growth and improvement, and the other designed for Managers who are in need of guidance on how to engage with Employees and determine options for internal mobility.

If you are a current Client or Partner and would like to use our new Big Five Candidate report or would like more information on our other reports, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line at As always, we want to hear from you and look forward to more exciting product updates next month!



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