October Product Updates 2020

October Product Updates 2020

Joshua Spears

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As we near the end of 2020, the Traitify Team has been hard at work developing our product priorities for the year ahead, while still releasing consistent and impactful product enhancements for our customers.

One such enhancement focuses on broadening the customization options for PDF reports, and is now live!


PDF Customization

For customers using Traitify Dash, when viewing a user or candidate’s profile and assessment results you have had the option to export the results as a PDF. Based on feedback from our customers, we have released an update to allow administration customization of this report’s content.

When generating a PDF of assessment results, administrators will now see a modal with three dropdown options, allowing them to customize the report based on their needs.

pdf export functionality with assessment, locale, and fit score options


Assessment Selection

The first dropdown, labeled ‘Assessment’ allows administrators to select which results they want included in the report for the user or candidate. This is particularly useful if the candidate has taken multiple assessments or has taken the same assessment after some period of time. This dropdown will show both the name of the assessment (for example ‘Big Five’) along with the date for which the assessment was completed.


Translation Options

The second dropdown, labeled ‘Locale,’ provides the administrator with the ability to select which language they would like the results translated into. Traitify now offers over thirteen different translations including: English, English (U.K.), Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, French (European), French Canadian, German, Japanese, Norsk, Russian, Portuguese, and Braziliian Portugese.


Fit Score

The final dropdown, labeled ‘Fit Score,’ allows administrators to select which Ideal Candidate Profile they would like to compare to the candidate, and in turn which Fit Score should be included on the PDF export. Each Fit Score includes a numerical score (on a scale from zero to one hundred), a text description (for example, ‘Preferred Fit’), and a color label. The ‘Fit Score’ dropdown will list all active Ideal Candidate Profiles for your organization and allow your administrators to quickly identify if a candidate may be a better fit for a position outside of what they may have applied for. This is particularly useful for Hiring Managers who are working to fill positions for which candidate flow has been lower than expected and can even be used post-hire to determine if an employee may be a fit for a different role.


What’s Next?

In addition to these PDF export enhancements, we’re also gearing up to launch our Cognitive Assessment early next year, along with our new Big Five Hiring Manager Report and Traitify Engage Manager Report.

We’re currently working with Traitify customers to get feedback on initial concepts for the Traitify Engage Manager Report and would love to have you involved in that process. If you’re interested in previewing the Traitify Engage Manager Toolkit, please reach out to your Traitify Customer Success Manager or send us an email at support@traitify.com.



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