Surviving Layoffs Introduction

Surviving Layoffs: Introduction [Video]

Heather Myers, Ph.D.

Chief Psychology Officer | PhD | Analyzer/Mentor in Work

Heather Myers, Ph.D., introduces our five-part video series on how companies should support employees surviving layoffs.



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Hi, my name is Heather Myers, and I’m the Chief Psychology Officer at Traitify.

I'd like to welcome you today to our video blog series focused on helping organizations survive layoffs.

According to the US Department of Labor and statistics, in May 2020 unemployment was 13% compared to just 3.4% in May of 2019. Due to the pandemic organizations have had no choice but to lay off employees. Many of them have really put great care into messaging and offboarding these employees. However, recently in conversations with clients and even through conversations that I've had internally within my own organization, I've come to realize that what we really need to do is spend more time thinking about the employees we have who survived the layoffs and thinking about what we can do to help them.

Is this something that you've been thinking about in your own organization?

In this video series, we’ll explore, first, the negative impacts that layoffs have on the remaining employees. Second, steps that organizations can take during and before layoffs to help minimize the impacts of layoffs. Third, ways that organizations can work to rebuild relationships post-layoffs. And finally, what leaders can do for themselves and their teams when they too are experiencing some of these negative effects of layoffs.

So the goal for this series is really to give you tips for focusing on your employees and creating the most productive and supportive workplace possible during this very difficult time. So Stay tuned!


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