The Science Behind Traitify's Personality Assessments

Dan Sines

CEO | Star Wars & Superhero Fan, Adventurer, aspiring Renaissance Man | Inventor/Visionary in Psychology

We know personality has an impact in the workplace, especially in the areas of team building, communication and cultural fit. In simple terms, we define personality as the unique combination of various aspects of an individual's temperament and traits. Taking it a step further, these singular attributes can give insight into patterns of behavior, preferences and choices as it relates to a person's profession and the workplace.

Which of these looks more appealing?

But is there any real science behind how a personality assessment is used to validate what might be perceived as a hunch? Yes! And because we love the intersection of science and psychology we developed a white paper to explain our methodology and why visual assessments are as distinct as an individual's personality.

We cover:

  • An in-depth discussion of what personality really means and why it should be measured
  • The psychology and methodology behind our visual personality assessment
  • Understanding the use and value of personality assessments in the workplace
  • Are assessments reliable and valid?
  • And more

You’ll be stunned by the amount of real data we can capture in 2 minutes.

Harnessing the Value of Personality Data is easy to access and chock full of actionable information; check it out today.

Want to know more about how we use science to inform hiring decisions and team building? Request a demo with Traitify today.


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