Top 10 Traitify Articles of 2020

Year in Review: Top 10 Articles of 2020

Joe Prats

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Looking back at the longest year in recorded history -- unrelated to it being a leap year -- here are the top blog posts according to what you, our readers, loved and found most valuable throughout 2020.

Unsurprisingly, you were drawn to content on the pandemic, diversity & inclusion, and surviving and thriving in an upended workplace. At the same time, employee engagement, personality insights, and new product announcements were also highly valued topics.

Without any further spoilers, here is a countdown of your top ten Traitify articles in 2020.


Purpose-Built Conversational Hiring

10. Meet Hourly -- Purpose-Built Conversational Hiring

Announcing Hourly by Alexander Mann Solutions, with personalization informed by the Traitify Big Five Assessment, designed for hourly workers.

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Candidate Wave Infographic

9. Turning the Tide on the Incoming Waves of Applicants

After catching up with HR leaders, it became clear to Traitify CEO, Dan Sines, that organizations need to be proactive about the incoming candidate waves.

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Know Myself Infographic

8. The Power of Personality: Key Benefits in the 2020 Workplace

There are many different aspects of workplace life and culture that personality insights can impact. Use this infographic to navigate personal growth.

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Father Works On Laptop As Mother Helps Son With Homework On Kitchen Table

7. How to Succeed on the Job When Family, Work, and Home Blend Together

Some tips for working from home amid partners, roommates, and children -- keeping in mind your personality and its strengths.

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Introducing Traitify Engage

6. Introducing Traitify Engage

In May we announced Traitify Engage, a solution that provides development for hourly employees, helping businesses retain these essential workers.

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Workforce Morale Adaptability - Professional chef in kitchen

5. Improving Workforce Morale: How Do You Adapt?

To maintain productivity and achieve the nimbleness required by today's challenges, leaders can impact workforce morale by focusing on adaptability.

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Heather Myers presents on bringing personality into diversity strategy at SRSC 2020

4. Want to Get More out of Your Diversity Strategy? Bring Personality Data into the Discussion

Taking a closer look at the definition of diversity, how can adding some breadth to the concept be a productive exercise for HR leaders?

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Dan Sines cosplays Star Wars and asks what its prequel trilogy stories on darth vader teach us about developing talent

3. Can a Star Wars Story Teach Us about Developing Talent? Learn from the Jedi’s “Employee Turnover” Mistakes

Darth Vader's career moves: a lesson learned for employers? Consider his story when building candidate experience and employee engagement strategies.

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Knowing and using your workplace strengths

2. Knowing and Using Your Workplace Strengths: Openness

As the changes started feeling relentless, with all the initial coronavirus news and impact, we went in-depth on how your Openness drives your ability to respond.

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And finally, drum roll please...



how to support employees who aren't used to remote work

1. How to Support Employees Who Aren’t Used to Remote Work

Here’s a guide to help each member of your workforce adjust to the changes of working from home, based on their unique personality.

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One clear theme of the articles you read the most: the power of personality. In a year that only seemed to get darker at each turn, gaining a better understanding of yourself and your workforce became crucial to overcoming each challenge.

Even though we're not out of the woods yet, there is a light in the distance. Here at Traitify, we will continue to bring you insights, tools, and products to help your workforce build resilience and get through to brighter times ahead.


For more insights on how you can consistently attract, select, and engage top talent -- despite a challenging year -- check out Coles Supermarket's COVID-19 success story.


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