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A Job Recommendation Engine for Veterans

Dan Sines

CEO at Traitify | Star Wars & Superhero Fan, Adventurer, aspiring Renaissance Man | Inventor/Visionary in Work

Today we are proud to announce the launch of a new product with our partners at The Military Skills Translator + Personality Assessment is the first of its kind in the market creating an innovative approach to help veterans find their passion and truly match to job opportunities that fit not only their skills, but their personality as well. By helping veterans discover jobs based on both skills and personality, we’ve created an intelligent job recommendation engine.

The Military Skills Translator has been in the market for a few years. provides this tool to industry leading employers for their career sites, so that when job seeking veterans visit they can easily translate their military experience to civilian jobs skills and find the right jobs to apply for. In recent years, power in the job marketplace has been shifting from employer to job seeker, so employers are seeking new ways to deliver value to job seekers–especially to veterans, a highly coveted group of workers. It’s the perfect time to evolve the Military Skills Translator and so it was serendipitous that and Traitify got together. This upgraded version of the tool elevates the value proposition beyond just military service history. By adding Traitify, employers will be able to give veterans a deeper dive into understanding who they are and what careers align with their personality and interests.


Career paths and available job openings matched directly to personality and military experience.

Career paths and available job openings matched directly to personality and military experience.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of sitting next to an Army Ranger at a conference here in Baltimore. I asked him why he was at the conference and he said he was on two weeks of leave, trying to learn about as many companies and jobs as possible to figure out what he’s passionate about. He had been serving since he was 18 years old and expressed to me that he knew he had transferable skills, but didn’t exactly know how they could be applied. He knew he wanted to do something very different than what he had been doing, but wasn’t sure where his personality would drive him. As I listened to him, I really for the first time truly appreciated the magnitude of what we were creating with With this new product, we could help people like this Army Ranger to streamline their job search process and give them a sense of confidence that after serving their country there was a path for them in the world that would highlight both their skills and their unique personality.

For employers taking a proactive stance on hiring veterans, this tool can now be easily embedded into their career sites and will allow veterans to see what jobs at the company specifically align with both their skills and personality. This is a major evolution in the veteran hiring experience–from exhausting uninspired search to streamlined discovery using an intelligent and personalized recommendation engine.


At Traitify, our re-invented assessment format is image-based, fast, and easy to use. This uniquely positions us to work at all stages of the job seeker life cycle–working with groups like the Dept of Human Resources here in Maryland, we help foster kids at age 13 find their future. We help students in universities around the world discover their best fit majors. We partner with workforce boards around the nation to help unemployed find their next start. We work with staffing firms and with employers directly to find job seekers who truly fit the job, will perform well, and stay for longer. Now, we are excited to add yet another stage of the job seeker lifecycle where Traitify helps–post military service. We will help those who have been on the frontlines helping us and protecting us. To do so alongside a partner like, who has earned a reputation for putting the veteran first in all that they do, is humbling.

If you are a veteran looking to discover civilian jobs that fit your military skills and personality check out And if you’re an employer looking to take your veteran hiring experience to the next level, please reach out to us at


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