August Product Updates

Joshua Spears

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The (hopefully) cooling temperatures remind us that the end of 2019 is rapidly approaching and with it the promise of a new year ahead with ample opportunity to challenge the status quo. For far too long, the candidate experience has been broken and, as a result, candidates are left confused, frustrated and bitter about the process. While candidates continue to possess tremendous power in this job market, it’s important that we continue to press forward when it comes to crafting a frictionless experience for all candidates regardless of external factors. 


Candidate Interview Questions - Now Via Your ATS

In my last post, I proudly announced that we had released our customized candidate interview questions within our SaaS application and specifically viewable in our Administrator interface within Candidate Profiles and within Candidate Results PDFs. In addition to those areas, we have now updated all Traitify Applicant Tracking System integrations to provide these questions on each Candidate Results Report.

While Traitify’s ATS integrations vary from system to system, the Candidate Results Report is generally accessed via a unique URL we pass back into the ATS for each Candidate. When clicking on this URL, Hiring Managers can see a full report for the candidate including their scores on each of the Big Five Dimensions, as well as potential ‘Benefits’ and ‘Pitfalls’ for each Dimension level and who they work well with, may have conflict with and environments in which they will thrive. 

Now, in addition to the above components, Hiring Managers can view interview questions based on both the Candidate’s scores on the Big Five Dimensions and functional areas such as “Solving Problems” and “Engaging with People”. 


What’s Next?

As I mentioned in our last update, our team is currently developing three variations of Big Five results that we plan to release in the near future. These variations will provide the ability for organizations to share assessment results with candidates, continue to give Hiring Managers a robust report to gauge Candidate Fit and utilize results in a development capacity by allowing Employees and Managers to have their own unique report focused on growth and optimization.

All three variations will be available to all customers using our Big Five assessment in the very near future and will include a redesign of our current Hiring Managers' results for those who may not want to take advantage of our Candidate or Development results. 


The team at Traitify has gone to great lengths to build our product to be flexible, scalable and wide-reaching in applicability. It’s one of the primary reasons we choose to use the Five-Factor model as the basis of our Big Five Assessment. The Five-Factor model has been shown to be predictive in a multitude of areas outside of selection, including relationships, medical adherence, and risk tolerance. As part of a partnership with Horizon Investments and our own R&D initiatives, we’ll be releasing a Risk Tolerance Assessment in September with the goal of making something that was tedious and painful (sound familiar?) and updating it to provide a great experience with actionable output. 

Our Risk Tolerance Assessment is based on the Five-Factor Model and will provide results to Investors as well as the Financial Advisors who serve them, giving unique insight into how to communicate and work with individuals given their unique risk tolerance profile. 

Traitify was created with the mission of making personality data and results understandable, accessible and ongoing, and ultimately that means exploring other uses for our assessments and technology. We’re excited about what the future holds, and I look forward to sharing feedback and results from our new initiatives in the coming months.  

As always, these are but a sampling of the exciting things we have in store for you, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions. Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or email - we’d love to hear from you!


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