August Product Updates 2020

Joshua Spears

CPO | Passionate about product design and user experience in News

In the midst of developing new products and larger product enhancements, the Traitify Team is constantly releasing smaller product enhancements designed to provide huge impact for our clients and partners.

I’d like to highlight a few of these enhancements we’ll be making over the coming weeks and months.


German Translation

Did you know that Traitify currently offers assessments in over twelve languages? Next week we’ll be adding a German translation of our Big Five Assessment and output. This translation will be available within our SaaS applications and via our API.

In addition to German, we currently offer the following languages: English, British English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, French Canadian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Norwegian.


Email Customization

Traitify’s SaaS applications send various emails to users, including invitations to take assessments and sharing assessment results. Currently, clients can customize these emails with their logo and color scheme, and in the coming months we’ll be offering the ability to add custom social media links to all emails.


Assessment Complete Notification

For clients using our SaaS applications, we’re adding a feature to allow Hiring Managers to be notified when a Candidate completes their Traitify assessment. This notification will also include a link that takes Hiring Managers directly to the candidate’s report on the Traitify Administrator Dashboard. Along with the new email customization options, this feature will be available in the coming months.


What’s Next?

In addition to these enhancements, we’re also gearing up to launch our Cognitive Assessment later this year, along with our new Big Five Hiring Manager Report and Traitify Engage Manager Toolkit.

We’re currently working with Traitify customers to get feedback on initial concepts for the Manager Toolkit and would love to have you involved in that process. If you’re interested in previewing the Traitify Engage Manager Toolkit, please reach out to your Traitify Customer Success Manager or send us an email at



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