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Cappex Live with Traitify

Dan Sines

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We are excited to announce that one of our partners, Cappex, has gone live with their integration of the Traitify Personality API!

Cappex is "Your College Decision Headquarters", providing a service that allows high school students to make informed choices when picking a school. Through this partnership with Traitify, students will now be able to factor their unique personality into one of the most important life decisions.




Traitify Assessment embedded into Cappex.

The focus of this partnership is based around discovering majors that match the personality of a student. Cappex uses our Career Personality assessment, through integration into their Majors section, to recommend careers and related majors. These careers have been pulled from the Department of Labor's O*Net Database and mapped to personality traits in order to ensure proper fit with students.



It is estimated that about 75% of students will change their major during the course of their college career. This is a major life decision, one that risks not only the time, and money, you spend in school, but quite possibly the rest of your life.

Through the understanding of personality, we aim to minimize these risks. Many college students make uninformed decisions about which college to attend, or what to major in. Often, it is based on where friends are going, or what their parents did. In the age of big data and personalization, students now have the ability to find this information and discover something that is a perfect match for who they are.




We've had a great experience working with Cappex. They have an incredible team, which makes us incredibly excited for all of the fun, new functionality that will be coming down the road. Go check it out for yourself, and be sure to pass it along to any high school students needing to understand what the future may hold!

We say it all the time, but this is truly what Traitify is all about. Life, with personality!


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