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We did it! Another year in the books and with it an opportunity for reflection on accomplishments and planning for the year ahead. As I look back on the year, it’s clear that there has been a tremendous shift in thinking regarding the candidate experience. 

While it’s pleasing to know that we’ve contributed to this movement, our team is continuing to push for better experiences across all stages of the candidate, employee, and manager lifecycles. I’m so excited for the products and features we’re building for release in 2020. As always, we could not do what we do without you, our partners in this journey. Together, I’m confident we’ll do great things in the years ahead.


Big Five Hiring Manager Report 2.0


Along with our Big Five Candidate Report, our team has also been developing a new version of our Big Five Hiring Manager Report that will be released before the end of this month. This updated report will include the following content to assist Hiring Managers in their review and conversations with Candidates:

  • Fit Score (including numerical score, text recommendation, and color)
  • Candidate’s Big Five Archetype
  • Candidate Scores on each of the Big Five Dimensions
  • Personalized Interview Questions
  • Potential Benefits and Room for Growth and Change for each Dimension
  • Tools to Use, Caution Zone and Settings That Work For Them
  • Most Represented and Least Represented Traits

The Fit Score for each Candidate will be based on Traitify’s Ideal Candidate Profile and provides a quick insight into how well the Candidate fits the position for which they are applying. A new addition to the report is the Big Five Archetype. Each Archetype gives insight into the Candidate’s overall personality based on their scores on the Big Five Dimensions.

As with the previous Hiring Manager Report, we provide insight into the Candidate’s scores on each of the Dimensions; however, our team has modified the look and feel of this section to allow for quick comparison between the different scores.

Based on these scores, the report also provides personalized interview questions for five functional areas: Solving Problems, Delivering Results, Engaging with People, Influencing People, and Managing People.

For each area, the report provides three questions for the Hiring Manager to use in their conversation with the Candidate along with additional context on what the question is trying to measure and what to look for in responses.

For each of the Big Five Dimensions, we also provide additional detail based on the Candidate’s score and, in particular, focus on “Potential Benefits” of that score and areas with “Room for Growth and Change”.

Along with this deeper dive into the Dimensions, the report features a section that includes “Tools to Use”, “Caution Zones” and “Settings That Work For Them”. The purpose of our “Tools to Use” content is to provide Hiring Managers with actionable, insight into the Candidate’s personality and how to leverage that insight when meeting with the Candidate and discussing the role.

Our “Caution Zone” content provides analysis regarding potential ‘red flags’ that may present themselves based on the Candidate results and can be used to further explore certain areas with the Candidate during the interview.

Additionally, the “Settings That Work For Them” resource allows Hiring Managers to understand what environments are most ideal for the Candidate and will ultimately allow them to thrive.

Finally, we provide Hiring Managers with a view into the most and least expressed personality traits for the Candidate (our Big Five assessment measures 30 underlying personality traits).

Our hope is that this additional content will provide the tools that Hiring Managers need when determining if a Candidate should advance in the process, allowing them to quickly understand the Candidate’s strengths and weaknesses without having to review a lengthy document.


What’s Next?

Cognitive Assessment

As I mentioned in last month’s post, our team is hard at work finalizing our first Cognitive Assessment. This assessment will measure a Candidate’s General Mental Ability (“GMA”) by having them go through a five-minute abstract reasoning assessment. The Candidate’s score on the Cognitive Assessment will be compared against an Ideal Candidate Profile established for each unique role, and it will have the ability to be combined with the Candidate’s Big Five Assessment results for an aggregate fit score.

Development Reports & More!

When looking at the issue of turnover, it’s clear that implementing an assessment as part of the selection process increases the ability to identify Candidates who will be a better fit for the role and less likely to be terminated. However, when looking at involuntary turnover, companies tend to struggle with engaging Employees and making it clear what opportunities there are for mobility within the organization. To help with these issues, Traitify is working on creating personalized Big Five Development Reports for both Employees and Managers. For Employees, these reports will focus on providing personalized development content based on their personality, along with insight into areas of growth within the company and how the Employee can advance by focusing on any gaps that may exist. For Managers, these reports will provide instant insight into how to engage, motivate, and incentivize Employees, as well as help Managers find which Employees may be a fit for other roles within the organization.

If you are a current Client or Partner and would like to learn more about any of our current or upcoming product releases, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line at We appreciate your feedback and look forward to building great things with you in 2020!



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