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Explorer or Chauffeur, How Do You Vacation?

Macy Volpe

Marketing Coordinator for Traitify | Baltimore Ravens obsessed and lover of Sharks | Planner/Visionary in Play

There are different types of vacation personalities, but I feel that the two main reasons for vacationing are leisure and adventure. Let's say you are planning a summer vacation- do you long for the thrill that comes along with being outside of your comfort zone, or do you want to relax and stay somewhere familiar? I typically lean towards a leisurely vacation, but my husband goes more for the adventure. We recently took a 3-week trip to Europe and were able to find the perfect mix for both of our personalities- it can be done!

If you prefer a globetrotting-type lifestyle, you are more likely to be very passionate about where you are taking your next vacation. You typically would want to partake in adventurous activities while on trips, and you are intrigued by seeing new places and doing new things. Trips through the rainforest or camping in Yosemite do not deter you from visiting these locations — in fact, it likely gets you even more excited.

A globetrotter will typically be okay with transportation in any form: bus, train, biking, etc. Globetrotters will find ways to get where they want to go and are prepared to stay in hostels or hotels, when it is convenient. Camping every now and then only adds to the adventure! Most globetrotters and adventure-seekers prefer travel that is spontaneous and rugged. Does this sound like something that would excite your inner traveler, or does it make you want to run and hide?

Some wonderful vacations spots for the adventurous personality would be climbing the mountains in Patagonia, bungy jumping in New Zealand, mountain biking in Switzerland, an off-road safari in Zambia, or ziplining in Costa Rica. All of these trips will take you out of the comfort of everyday life and into an adventurer's dream. These are not everyday experiences for most and would be the perfect vacation for those seeking a thrill.

A leisurely traveler is nostalgic and low-key about their vacations. They prefer a serene and comforting environment not very far off the beaten path. They normally look for a more relaxed setting for a vacation with less options for excursions and easy access to transportation. Going to one location for the length of their trip is perfect and if there is a beach or pool to relax by, that is even better.

Some great examples of beautiful and leisurely vacation spots I have found would be beer tasting in Belgium, a spa in Tucson, cruising to Alaska, a bus tour around Ireland, or a resort in the Caribbean. These trips will allow you to decompress and won't leave you with the feeling of needing a vacation after your vacation. Perfect for those who prefer a leisurely pace while they are traveling, and even better when you are at a resort where everything is taken care of for you.

Whether you prefer cliff jumping in the tropics or relaxing in a cabana on a sandy beach, both personalities will get your out of your house and onto your next adventure! Which type of vacation do you prefer to take?


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