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Hyundai Canada Fan Quiz

Scott Tremper

Creative Director at Traitify | Lover of Film, Games, Music, and Wiener Dogs | Inventor/Planner in Play

This will be a brief post, but I wanted to quickly share some exciting news from the front lines of Traitify.

A short while back we started work on a custom assessment that, along with our Personality API, would be utilized by Hyundai Canada in a contest they were creating as a part of their partnership with the Women's World Cup Canada 2015. We're excited to announce that this promotion has gone live!



Me or Not Me?

By heading to Hyundai Canada's website, you can find out "Which Type of Fan Are You?", and then enter into the contest (sorry, Canadian residents only!) with an epic grand prize — 2 Tickets to the Final Match of the Women's World Cup.




We're really proud of the assessment & API being used here, and the results are pretty unique — while we typically use some linear icons to display our results, Hyundai went the extra mile and took our initial concepts and translated them into some wonderful caricatures, as seen here, as well as the header at the top of this post.

I'd love for you to check out Hyundai's Fan Quiz and let us know what you think. And if you'd like info on the assessment used here, head to for details on everything that we do!


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