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Join The Avengers!

Scott Tremper

Creative Director at Traitify | Lover of Film, Games, Music, and Wiener Dogs | Inventor/Planner in Play

Here at Traitify, we go hard when it comes to nerdy stuff. For that reason, we've created an Avengers Assessment!

While I can't speak for the entire office, many of us, including both of our founders, are huge fans of movies and comics, so when Marvel releases a new film, we absolutely lose our minds and go bonkers for it. We fall in love with these character, get swept away in the interweaving storylines, and of course, sit back in awe as we watch insane action sequences on an IMAX screen. Naturally we all went nuts after seeing The Avengers: Age of Ultron last night.

And that's why we've launched

If you head there, you'll be able to take a quick visual personality assessment. If you've taken our Heroes Assessment before, this will seem familiar, although a little bit quicker, as we've trimmed it up a little to make it even faster to get your results. And the results are awesome.



We start by giving you a hero type. There are seven different hero personas, ranging from the Hulk-like Berserker to the Intellectual, who would match up to the X-Men's famous leader Professor X. Each type has a unique description to go with it, and even has a badass video you can share with your friends.

Here's the video for the Berserker type:

If you're wondering why this video is so awesome, it's because I made it.

We're also matching you up to some fellow heroes within the Marvel Universe. You'll find Daredevil as a Detective, Iron Man as an Innovator, Wolverine as a Lonewolf, and more. We're even letting you find some stunning Under Armour gear that is themed to your personality.

We'd really love for you to run through our Avengers Assessment. Tweet it, share it on Facebook, and send us any feedback you might have. And if The Avengers aren't your cup of tea, give some of our other fun assessments a whirl. We've got a Game of Thrones one we launched for the current season, and we also released one for the Netflix Original show, Daredevil.

As usual, we can't thank you enough for always supporting everything we make! For more about Traitify, click here! And go see Age of Ultron — it's out of control in all the right ways.

Also, it's my birthday today, so that's cool.


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