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As many embark on summer trips this month, it can often be hard to disconnect, thinking about the challenges many of us face within our organizations, “How am I going to find the best candidate for this position?”, “How do I continue to grow and improve my team?”, “How can I possibly get through my never ending ‘to-do list?”. These are questions that plague us all, and at Traitify we obsess over how we can help organizations find the best answers faster, allowing everyone to get some much deserved R&R.


Candidate Interview Questions 

As we’ve previewed in previous posts, our team has been hard at work adding our candidate interview questions to both our API and SaaS applications. Whereas previously these questions were only available in our Interview Guide, they are now also available on each candidate’s report, giving hiring managers and recruiters a quick, customized way to come prepared for each interview. 

These questions are organized into five categories, each corresponding to one of the Big Five dimensions: Solving Problems, Delivering Results, Engaging with People, Influencing People and Managing People.

For each category you will have three questions based on the candidate's score in the corresponding dimension, giving you insight into what you should look for in the candidate’s response. 


Fit Scores - Now on Results PDFs

It’s important that assessment results are shareable, as a hiring decision can often involve various team members who need to weigh in on a candidate’s fit for a role. With this in mind, we’ve always made it easy to view and download a PDF of each candidate’s result and recently have updated this report to include the candidate’s fit score. Each fit score contains the numerical score, color score and text description that quickly allows each team member to understand how well that candidate fits the role for which they are applying. 


What’s Next?

As the war for talent expands, we are focused on delivering a great experience for both candidates and hiring managers, while helping to facilitate the right fit for both. With this in mind, our team has been developing additional configuration options for assessment results and in the near future will offer three variations: candidate results, employee results and hiring manager results. 

Candidate results will focus on delivering the candidate value and insight into their own personality, while moving away from the “black box” feeling that has often frustrated candidates after they are asked to complete an assessment. 

Employee results will focus on helping your current team members better understand their own personality and how they can leverage that understanding to grow within the organization and work more efficiently with other team members. 

Finally, Hiring Manager results will not only feature interview questions for candidates but also provide additional, actionable information that each Manager can use to quickly assess the candidate’s fit for the role.


As always, these are but a sampling of the exciting things we have in store for you and we’re eager to hear your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager or email - we’d love to hear from you!


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