June Product Updates

Joshua Spears

CPO | Passionate about product design and user experience in News

At Traitify, we’re focused on creating great experiences for both candidates and hiring managers. While this starts with our assessment and output, it has evolved to include how we invite candidates to take an assessment and also how we showcase our Client’s brand in that experience. In our first official Summer 2019 update, I want to focus on some exciting additions we made in June and what’s on the road ahead. 


SMS Assessment Invites 

As the Traitify assessment only takes 90 seconds to complete, we typically advise that Clients deploy the assessment ‘inline’ with the application steps which creates a seamless experience for the candidate and leads to a 95% and above completion rate. However, we always want to offer multiple options for Client’s including the ability to email a candidate an invite to take the assessment, post-apply. Recently, we’ve expanded this option to also include the ability to send an SMS invite to candidates in addition to the email invite. This message is sent to the candidate’s mobile device and includes text which can be customized for each client and a link that directly takes the candidate to their assessment. Currently, this option is only available for Clients using Traitify via our integration with SmartRecruiters, but we are exploring bringing this to our other ATS partners in the very near future. If you are interested in leveraging this within SmartRecruiters please contact us and let us know if you’d like to see this added to another ATS integration. 


Two Factor Authentication 

Prioritizing privacy and security is paramount while designing a great experience and we have recently added two factor authentication for administrators using our SaaS application. This currently is an option that can be activated for any Client instance of our application. Once activated, administrators will have to input a code they receive via email when logging into their Traitify administrator account. If you are interested in taking advantage of this additional security measure for your administrators, please contact your Traitify Customer Success Manager or 


Email Customizations  

We’re always looking for additional methods to customize the Traitify experience for our clients and while we had existing customization points on emails (including invites sent to candidates asking them to complete an assessment) we’ve decided that we want to make the email fully customizable, including colors, logos and all text. These customizations can now be done on initial assessment invite emails and reminder emails (sent 24, 48 and 72 hours after the initial email if the candidate has not completed the assessment). Please let us know if you’re interested in seeing these additional customization points, and our team is ready to help you modify as needed. 

What’s Next?

To date, we’ve focused on creating a world class candidate and hiring manager experience focused on our visual, personality assessment. As mentioned in last month’s email, we’re working on bringing this experience to cognitive assessments and will be releasing our cognitive assessment later this year. This assessment will join our Big Five and Career Discovery assessment to form a comprehensive assessment suite that can be completed in less than five minutes. 

In addition to this new assessment, we continue to add additional content to our existing assessments including custom interview questions and development content focused on helping new employees quickly acclimate to their new team and managers to identify areas for growth. 


We would love to hear your feedback on what we could add or improve to our existing offerings - please drop us a line at or reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. 


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