Traitify march product updates 2020

March Product Updates 2020

Joshua Spears

CPO | Passionate about product design and user experience in News

In the last several weeks, our world has rapidly changed, challenging us to adapt to new circumstances. We’re talking to customers about how to meet the challenges of today while also preparing for what comes next. As we think about our product, we strive to be a solution that ushers Candidates, Employees, and Managers through their journey with an organization, from the first visit to a career page all the way through their time as an employee.

We look at products at helping in three key areas:

  • Engaging Candidates
  • Selection & Fit   
  • Developing and Retaining Employees 

In this month’s blog post, I want to dig into our vision for how we can partner with an organization to succeed in these difficult times.

Engaging Candidates 

Career Discovery 

Our Career Discovery assessment is inspired by the Strong Interest Inventory and Holland Themes assessments, both among the first career vocational assessments. Built using Traitify’s patented visual methodology, the assessment takes only 90 seconds and measures 56 personality traits which build into seven overall personality types. Our team has mapped these traits to over 1,100 job categories which allow us to quickly integrate into a career site to recommend open requisitions based on a Candidate’s personality and preferences. This experience allows Candidates to engage with your brand and discover opportunities they might have otherwise not know about. 

For Candidates who do not apply based on their recommendations, Traitify enrolls them in a custom email drip campaign that will deliver content on a regular basis delving into topics such as interview preparation and finding a mentor. All of this has been created by the Traitify team with the purpose of keeping the Candidate engaged while gently nudging them to apply for open positions. 




Selection & Fit

Big Five Assessment 

Once the Candidate has applied, they are given Traitify’s Big Five assessment which is based on the Five-Factor model of personality and measures five dimensions: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Emotional Stability. Much like the Career Discovery assessment, the Big Five only takes 90 seconds to complete and simply asks Candidates to go through a series of images and respond with “Me” or “Not Me”.

Once the Candidate has completed the assessment, their scores are made available to the Hiring Manager through their applicant tracking system or Traitify’s SaaS application. Hiring Managers can now filter based on the Candidate’s fit for the role and also see a full report for each Candidate, providing insight into why they fit (or why they may not) based on the ideal profile for the role. This report also provides personalized interview questions based on the Candidates’ scores and allows each Hiring Manager to quickly engage with a Candidate during the interview.

Cognitive Assessment

In addition to the Big Five assessment, Traitify’s Cognitive assessment can be used to determine a Candidate’s fit for a position. This assessment asks Candidates to go through a series of abstract reasoning questions measuring what is known as General Mental Ability (“GMA”) one of the most predictive measures of job performance. The Candidate’s score on the Cognitive assessment can be combined with their Big Five scores to produce an aggregated fit score, while still breaking out the scores on each assessment within the Candidate report. 

For both the Big Five and Cognitive assessment, Traitify has created candidate-centric reports that can be shared with Candidates to give them insight into their performance while avoiding content that could be viewed in a negative light. 


Developing and Retaining Employees 

Once a Candidate has been hired, the work has just begun! Many organizations struggle with how to develop and retain employees. With that in mind, our team has constructed what we’re calling our Engagement, Development, and Mobility reports. Using the data collected during the Candidate phase (Career Discovery, Big Five, and Cognitive assessments) each Employee is given access to their own report which is updated on a recurring basis with personalized development content designed to keep them engaged and growing in their role. This content covers topics such as how to best communicate with other team members, tips on how to leverage their strengths, and insights into how to improve on any gaps that may exist. This interactive report will also give Employees the opportunity to respond to quick questions about their satisfaction in the role. Utilizing this data we’ll give them insight into how they may advance in the organization (upward or laterally). 

While each Employee has access to their own report, each Manager will also have access to a version of the report for each employee they manage. This report will provide content designed to help the Manager better communicate, incentive, and coach the Employee based on the Traitify data that’s been collected. Managers will also have the opportunity to provide feedback about the Employee, which in turn can be used to predict possible opportunities for advancement or any chance of attrition. 


A Platform Built On Assessments 

With Traitify, fast, engaging, and easy to understand assessments can now be used throughout the lifecycle of a Candidate, Employee, and Manager. As we look forward to our return to normalcy in the coming months, we’re committed to providing the best possible platform to meet the needs of our Clients throughout all stages of the talent process.


What’s Next?

Along with implementing this vision to help Candidates and Customers, our team is hard at work overhauling some of our existing reports, including our Hiring Manager report. This new version will include a quick, visual way to compare a Candidate to the ideal profile for a role with insight into why they are, or are not, a fit for it, based on an analysis in five functional areas. It also provides our customized interview questions and the opportunity for Clients to add their own standard questions to each report. 

If you’re interested in previewing this report and providing some feedback, please reach out to your Traitify Customer Success Manager or send us an email at 


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