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Meet Hourly -- Purpose-Built Conversational Hiring

Joshua Spears

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder | Passionate about product design and user experience | Confidant in News

If knowledge is power, then knowledge of one’s personality has the potential to empower an individual to accomplish remarkable feats. All too often, this knowledge has been locked away behind tedious, confusing assessment experiences - offered only to those we label “knowledge” workers. Much like the traditional assessment experience, the process of finding, applying for, and gaining a job has become cumbersome and in many cases prohibitive to those who form the backbone of our society: hourly workers.

This week we celebrate the launch of Hourly, a conversational experience designed to help hourly workers find, apply, and be hired by high volume hourly employers, built by the team at Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS). AMS has built a platform with personalization informed by the Traitify Big Five assessment that prioritizes candidate experience, ease of use by hiring managers, and personalization.

The future is conversational hiring. As candidates interact with the Hourly chatbot and learn more about an available job, they are given the opportunity to take the Traitify Big Five assessment, which quickly identifies if they are a fit for the role and advances them to the next step in the process. From here, candidates are given personalized content based on their personality, including tips on managing stress during the job search process and how to best prepare for the interview. Hiring managers are provided with interview questions based on the candidate’s personality, arming them with the tools they need to conduct an efficient and effective interview process.

Now more than ever, it has become increasingly clear that hourly workers are an essential part of society and the economy. The partnership between Alexander Mann Solutions and Traitify has brought together two organizations that are committed to improving the experience for these candidates and making it easier for them to find happiness at work.

As Traitify continues to pioneer solutions for not only helping hourly workers find jobs but also grow and develop in their roles, partnering with organizations like Alexander Mann Solutions and building products like Hourly is imperative to changing a broken system. Together, we believe we can make personality accessible to everyone and start treating our candidates as well as we do our customers.

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