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Music: Personality or Preference?

Macy Volpe

Marketing Coordinator for Traitify | Baltimore Ravens obsessed and lover of Sharks | Planner/Visionary in Play

As I get older, my need for music seems to change slightly over time. Why is this? A few days ago I was chatting with some friends about going to an upcoming concert, yet I didn't have the urge to buy the tickets right away like I would have three years ago. I didn't feel the need to check every source of social media for event details, meet and greet times, or even look for contests to win free merchandise. Even that fact that I just spelled out "merchandise" instead of just saying "merch" shows how much this once favorite pastime of mine is falling by the wayside.

It isn't only the lack of excitement to attend concerts, which I was doing at least 3 times a month, but my taste in music in general is evolving. For better or worse, I'm not really sure. A pro to this would be the variety of music I now have to listen to, and a con would be the time it takes to scroll through my entire iTunes library. Prior to this, I would quickly change the station as soon as slow jams or classical would start to play. My thought process was how can I drive when this music only puts me to sleep? I needed something upbeat and exciting to get me through car rides. But now? There are many times that I would prefer something soft and instrumental, so I can organize my thoughts instead of singing along to the latest pop tunes.

This leads me to think, does it really depend on my preference, or is it a reflection of my personality? Research shows that someone's interest in specific genres of music is directly related to their personality traits. These traits relate to level of empathy, amount of self-esteem, and also how creative you are, among many others things. I realized that these traits have been a part of my personality all along, but as I mature, I am more self-aware and can now identify my preferences. I also can accept my unique "music" personality rather than just following the same bands as a I used to.

Here's a way to think about personality as it relates to music: Do you prefer to dance along to the top 40 every morning? Sing along to Taylor Swift or maybe Macklemore? This would lean towards an extroverted personality type and gives the idea that you may be hard-working, but typically uneasy at times. Those who have more calming, introverted and aware personality types may lean toward classical. You may even be a mix of both.

Apple Music and Spotify are two companies that benefit from learning your personality as you listen. Which songs do you skip, what ones do you save? Do you play certain albums after hearing one song? By looking closer into personality, music choices can become easier and more streamlined. Another benefit to music services would be introducing a personality assessment, like Traitify, to further learn about our backgrounds and what listeners prefer.

Tomorrow, when you are driving to work and turning up the radio, tune inward and consider your personality and how it may be reflected in your choices. You'll likely learn something new about yourself and we guarantee you'll enjoy your music in a personalized way.


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