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Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2016

Dan Sines

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As the demands of modern businesses get more sophisticated, the needs of employers to find the right workers is gaining urgency. Yet when it comes to recruiting, the very definition of "right" is changing. No longer is it enough merely to find employees with the right mix of professional skills and experiences. Today's best-run organizations are populated by professionals who work well in teams, surmount challenges, and communicate effectively with colleagues and customers.

In short, what you need is a team with the right professional skills to perform their jobs - and an optimal blend of personalities for your organization's culture.

Throughout 2016, we posted articles to this blog on how to find that mix. Below are our most well-read selections of the past year. Enjoy them - and come back throughout 2017 for more of our best insights into building your very best organization.



The Impact of Personality Types on Teams
By Joshua Spears, Chief Operating Officer

Balancing different personality types on a team is ideal but what's the right mix to achieve harmony? Joshua Spears explains how to avoid clustering the wrong types on a team.
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Skills vs. Personality: Which Is More important?
By Dan Sines, CEO

When hiring someone, should you weigh their relevant experiences and skills more heavily than whether their personality is a good fit for your organization? Or vice versa?
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Four Ways to Reduce Mismatched Hires in Your Organization
By Macy Volpe, Marketing Coordinator

Hiring new employees can be grueling - and can seem never-ending in high-turnover industries. Macy Volpe has four ideas for simplifying and streamlining your process.
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Using Personality to Hire Hourly Workers
By Scott Tremper, Chief Marketing Officer

When it comes to hiring, hourly workers rarely get the same attention as salaried employees, who work more hours and stay longer. But Scott Tremper explains how you can you boost the quality of your hires and reduce turnover with personality data.
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Keep these insights in mind as you continue to grow in 2017. For even deeper guidance, I urge you to download one of our Guides: 6 Ways to Reduce Turnover, an invaluable resource for eliminating unnecessary employee turnover (a massive drain on any organization's resources), and 10 Ways to Build Great Teams Using Personality Data, which offers detailed insights into how to use the data you collect to improve your organization every day.

And to check out how Traitify's revolutionary personality assessment solution can help you build precisely the organization you want, just request a quick demo.


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