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As we enter into the final few months of the year we’re presented with both the fulfillment of work that’s been done over the last nine months and the opportunity to start dreaming of what will be accomplished in the year ahead. In this month’s post, I’m excited to focus on the release of a new assessment! Resulting from many months of planning and work, this allows the Traitify team to bring our unmatched solutions to a new audience.


Traitify Financial Rick Assessment

As a young, growing company we often discover opportunities to use our technology in new and innovative ways that while exciting, often don’t materialize due to our strict criteria on what projects merit time and resources. Luckily, when we started discussing the development of a Financial Risk Assessment with Horizon Investments, it quickly became apparent that there was a huge need for our technology and a great opportunity to help both Investors and their Advisors better understand how to work together and create tailored investment strategies.

Financial Risk assessments have been around for quite some time and are a required component that Advisors must have their Clients complete when evaluating new investment products. Typically, these assessments are tedious and provide little to no insight to Investors on how their personal risk tolerance profile relates to their ongoing investment strategy. The same is true for the Advisors administering these assessments; there is very little insight to be gained on how Advisors can best serve their Clients based on each Investor’s unique risk tolerance profile.

When building our Financial Risk Assessment, it was critical for us to create a great experience for the Investor taking the assessment that includes the speed and ease of use Traitify has been known for, as well as crafted outputs that give the Investor insight into how to take the knowledge of their risk tolerance and apply it to their financial decisions and even everyday life. Similarly, we prioritized the creation of an Advisor view of the results that would give Advisors deep insight into the Client, better allowing them to make suggestions on different investment products and to communicate with their Client in a more personalized fashion.


The Traitify Risk Assessment takes only 2-3 minutes to complete and asks Investors to pick one of four choices (“Really Not Me”, “Not Me”, “Me” or “Really Me”) in response to a series of images. Following completion of the assessment, each Investor is shown their Risk Tolerance score, along with information regarding their Risk Style (Conservative, Measured, Neutral, Receptive or Aggressive) and how that style applies to everyday life and financial decisions. Advisors are able to see this content for each Investor along with a deeper dive into their Key Takeaways and vital insight into four characteristics of Risk Tolerance: Connectedness, Systematic Resourcefulness, Internalized Positivity and Adventurousness.

Traitify will be partnering with Horizon Investments to make the Traitify Financial Risk Tolerance Assessment available to Financial Advisors starting next month. Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more!


What’s Next?

Assessments have largely been viewed in this narrow category of “selection” for far too long and often this is because the assessment experiences are painful for candidates leading to increased dropoff rates during the application process and increased feelings of anxiety and resentment towards the employer.

At Traitify, we’ve always been believers in the accuracy of these traditional assessments while simultaneously understanding that they produced a barrier to completion on the basis of a poor user experience. As we’ve been able to create an assessment that is both predictive and has a best in class user experience, it has opened up opportunities to look at assessments in a different light, particularly when it comes to Candidate attraction.

Our Career Discovery assessment currently embeds directly into an organization's career site and allows Candidates to see what roles fit them based on personality and interests after completion. I’m pleased to announce that we’re making another step towards automating how we recommend openings to candidates by creating a “Job Matcher” service.

This “Job Matcher” service will tie directly into your existing Applicant Tracking System and make recommendations based on current openings and their fit with the Candidate’s unique personality. This will provide Candidates roles they might have otherwise not considered and enable them to better self-select opportunities based on their fit.

As noted in earlier posts, we continue to work on our Cognitive Assessment, which will focus on measuring a Candidate’s General Mental Ability and providing Hiring Managers with a score based on the position in which the Candidate has applied. The results of the Cognitive Assessment will be available for independent use or as part of an aggregate score that combines the results of our Big Five assessment.


Please reach out to us through your dedicated Customer Success Manager or if you have any interest in using our ‘Job Matcher’ service, our Cognitive Assessment or any other Traitify offerings!



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