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Heather Myers, Ph.D.

Chief Psychology Officer | Fueled by people, data, and design | Mentor in Work

As the last year has taken its toll on America’s workforce, HR will need to prioritize making employees happier.

With a majority of our waking hours spent at work, the impact of the pandemic is keenly felt in our workplaces, no matter the type of work we do. And the stakes are high: psychological research shows us that people who are happy at work, are more engaged, stay longer, and perform better.

While there has been considerable focus on the job satisfaction of the office-based workforce, there has not been enough focus on high-volume workforces. How are the many “essential” workers faring?

We thought it essential to find out, and are pleased to announce the release of The Happiness Report, a detailed look at the satisfaction and wellbeing of high-volume workers in America.

More than 1 in 4 hourly workers reported they were less happy at work since the pandemic - The Happiness Report by Traitify

The Happiness Report examines what HR practices, managerial interventions, and benefits most impact employee happiness. It serves as a guide to HR professionals managing high-volume workforces in common jobs (i.e. those roles represented by numerous employees in the company such as a cashier, nurse, cargo loader, or custodian).

We surveyed over 1,000 workers of common jobs across the United States. Findings demonstrated the breadth of repercussions the pandemic has and continues to have across high-volume industries as diverse as retail, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, and more.

Key insights from the report include:

  • When job satisfaction changed during the pandemic, it was more likely to drop. Over 1 in 4 respondents became less satisfied at work.
  • In a year of uncertainty, job security and good pay are top priorities for workers
  • Most employees think their employers responded well to the pandemic
  • Around half of job seekers rank communication and easy-to-use apply experiences as priorities when applying for jobs

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