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Where We’ll Be In 2015

Scott Tremper

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We rack up Southwest miles like they're going out of style. As I'm typing this we have a developer building their skills at Chef Con in Santa Clara, and I just booked travel that puts me away from home for most of June and half of July (although part of that is a much needed vacation).

Needless to say, sometimes it's hard to keep track of Traitify! For that reason, I figured it might be nice to share some of the event's we'll be headed to over the coming months. It won't cover all of 2015, but just enough to get you through the summer!




Collision — May 5–6 — Las Vegas, NV

Taking place in Sin City, Collision looks like the absolute ultimate way for us to kick off Q2. Looking at their lineup of speakers and attendees, Collision can be best summed up by this statement from The New York Times:

"A grand conclave of tech's high priests"

With heavy hitters from Facebook, Slack, Lyft, Google, and even Tony Hseih of Zappos, the opportunity here is not only killer for Traitify, but also an incredible time to learn from successful entrepreneurs. We'll have a booth there, so be sure to stop by and say hi!




Future Insights Live — June 1–4 — Las Vegas, NV

Back to Vegas? Let's hope my wife ignores the credit card statements. Either way, we're glad to be headed back to not only Las Vegas, but to Future Insights Live. We revealed our API here last year, and are happy to have the chance to stake our ground once again.

Combining the best talent in both web development and design, Future Insights Live exemplifies its name, with sessions and panel designed to be forward thinking for industry standards and inspirations. Beyond just having a presence as a sponsor, our API will also be available for use in their hackathon. We can't wait to see what creations come out of it!




QCon NY — June 8–9 — Brooklyn, NY

With only a weekend in between, we're shifting our attention from Las Vegas to Brooklyn. Catering to audience of the five boroughs and beyond, QCon NY will be our 3rd QCon event, and the second time we've been to it's East Coast iteration.

Focusing on software developers, QCon is a brilliant event for attendees to go hands on with our API, as well as to learn from the industry's top innovators. If you attend, be sure to hear our talk!




Forward 3 — July 29th — San Francisco, CA

Focused on JavaScript developers, Forward 3 is the 3rd event from ForwardJS. A one day conference, bookended with 2 days of training sessions, the Forward series is designed to encourage growth and education for a variety of developers, from seasoned professionals to students. Even with a downtown SF location, the whole package manages to be more affordable than most.

Forward 3 will be especially unique, as attendees will have a chance to take one of our assessments prior to attending, as well as on-site, and have their personality displayed on their badge. The data will be used for some icebreakers amongst those there, as well as in our scheduled talk! Check out Dan's talk from Forward 2 here.

Well that's where we'll be for the next couple of months! We have a lineup of events coming up for the fall/winter seasons as well, and I'll be sure to provide an update on those, as well as how each of these turn out!

Until then, who wants to guess how many Southwest miles we're racking up?


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