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Why Personality Matters in the Workplace

Scott Tremper

Creative Director at Traitify | Lover of Film, Games, Music, and Wiener Dogs | Inventor/Planner in Work

We've recently written a few different posts concerning a variety of personality elements within the workplace, from discussing how your personality can affect teamwork, and even how empathy is a key factor to successful leadership. Now, as we lead up to the impending release of our latest product, Traitify, I thought it might make sense to take a broader look at why exactly personality makes a difference in the workplace.

Finding The Right Fit

There's no better place to start with personality in the workplace than actually thinking about it when considering the perfect job. With average turnover rates between eleven and sixteen percent, it's apparent that many people aren't sticking with a job long-term, and personality plays a large part in this. Taking your personality into account is crucial when deciding whether or not you'll match the culture of the organization you'd be joining, and whether the day to day tasks will suit you. Someone that thrives with hands-on projects might look into a career in construction, but knowing that one's personality isn't suited to strenuous work and "getting your hands dirty", may encourage this person to avoid this line of work, helping to reduce the amount of turnover in this field.

Become A Team Player

Having a personality that matches your job not only increases the likelihood that you'll stick around, but also helps you understand how your personality works with others to make your overall performance stellar. With a better understanding of what makes those around you tick, you can work with them more efficiently, and prevent any short- and long-term conflicts from arising. While some people engage with co-workers strictly on a professional basis, it's necessary to consider you're spending 40+ hours a week with them. These are hardly insignificant relationships and demand some strategy put into them.

Using Strengths (and Weaknesses) For Success

While your actual skill set is always going to be an important factor to how well you can do your job, knowing where your personality can become a talent will dynamically change the way you interact with your work. Just as it plays into creating better bonds with your co-workers, understanding the high and low aspects of their personalities develops a symbiotic path to success. Taking a step back to consider your team is a simple way to start deciding when it's most effective to lead, and when to follow. Being humble and respecting others' skills will be an equal driving force in your professional success as understanding and utilizing your own. This overall concept is essential for anyone in management to recognize, and we appreciate it as well — we're developing an entire piece of Traitify dedicated to team building and assessing how different strengths and weaknesses complement each other in your organization.

Revel In Your Happiness

The final, and most important, idea I'd like to touch on concerning personality in the workplace is happiness. This is the long-term goal of everything I've discussed so far. Finding a job that matches who you are and engaging with that career in a meaningful and educated way not only makes the day-to-day life more satisfactory for you professionally, you'll find it increases your overall happiness as well. Author Marcus Buckingham has found that only 17 percent of workers believe they're being used effectively in their careers, and most of this comes from settling for a career that doesn't fit right, as well as misunderstanding the personalities of those you're spending one-third of your day with.

It might seem like a lot of effort, but finding a job that fits your personality, and taking the time to understand those around you, will pay off in the end. You'll find it becomes easier to walk into work each day, and you'll leave your job satisfied and refreshed. It's just as the old saying goes — "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

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