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You're Such a Giver: Choosing the Best Gift

Lauren Honeycutt

Psychology Specialist at Traitify | Educator, Quilter, and Lover of Musical Theatre and Muppet | Planner/Mentor in Play

Have you looked at the calendar lately? The holidays are just around the corner. You only have to flip a couple of pages on the calendar and BOOM! It's time to open gifts!

You shouldn't need to worry though because I'm sure that all of your holiday gifts are purchased, wrapped and hidden away. They're not? Well, I'm sure that you have already thought of what you're giving all of your friends and family. You haven't done that either? Well, in that case, you have time to do something novel: choose gifts based on personality! It's a guarantee to hit the perfect gift-nail on the head.

One way to determine personality is to look at patterns and preferences. What does your loved one lean toward? The latest and greatest? Nostalgia? Socializing? Self-care? Take a moment to think of the whole person and the picture will be a bit of a personality compass.

Let's start with the outdoorsy loved ones. You know that they feel more alive when they're amongst the trees instead of amongst the couch cushions, so you'll want to get them something that can be used outdoors. Keep in mind, though, that while these folks may be connected to nature, they often prefer their independence from other people, so consider that when buying their gifts.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who won't leave the indoors and prefer a computer screen to a screened-in porch. Getting these types a tech-oriented gift is a great idea, but remember that people like this are very detail-oriented and meticulous, so they will be VERY specific about what type of electronics they want to add to their collections.

And then then there are those who are extremely family-oriented. Anything that will serve as a daily reminder of their nearest and dearest will be incredibly beloved by them. Because they love you so much, they will appreciate all of the work that you went into to make this gift happen, so if it's not perfect, don't worry — to this type of gift receiver, it's the thought that counts.

But wait — what if you have a loved one that is a mix of all three?! Well, of course you will run into that situation, as it's very rare that someone would only fall into one personality category. This is when you really need to put on your thinking cap. One idea for someone who falls into all three of these categories would be a smartwatch. This works for someone who is tech-savvy, and the device can also be used as a GPS in order to orient the great outdoors, which is perfect for the nature-loving side of the gift receiver. Make sure to include a heartfelt message with the gift, as this will appeal to his or her caring, family-oriented side.

Of course, with all of your different family members and friends, there are so many different personalities to consider, but if you take a few minutes to really consider who they are on the inside, then you're sure to earn the title of #1 Gift Giver.


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